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Welcome to Snarky Cards!!!!!

Snarky Cards is a brand new company I am just getting off the ground! With that being said, WELCOME to my page, and thanks soooo much for stopping by!!!!

Snarky Cards was developed after seeing all of those silly ecard postings on a few popular social networking sites. I would look at those silly and offensive pictures for hours and just laugh my head off. I decided that everyone should be able to purchase silly and somewhat offensive cards to hand out to their friends and family to mark special occasions. LOL. I looked at popular Greeting Card stores in my town and found nothing that was as silly or offensive as what I saw online in the form of ecards. That’s when I was inspired to create my own line of hand made greeting cards for all kinds of occasions, saying out loud what MOST of us are thinking! 😉

With the help of my teenage daughter I learned how to make cards from “scratch”, using ribbons, jewels and embellishments from our local craft store. Our inspiration comes from seeing funny and offensive sayings online and putting our own twist on them. We also find inspiration in funny things that our friends tell us, and thoughts that we think in our heads that we are always to scared to say out loud. 😀

After taking over the dining room table for a week and never being able to have family meals with my kids, I decided quickly that I had to move our Card Making Station to another area of the house. As a portrait photographer, I saw that my studio would be an awesome place to craft our cards. So right now my photography studio is doubling as a Card Making Station. LOL

My cards are crafted using the artsy designs and sayings that my daughter and I come up with. My teenage son also gets in on the act and draws pictures for us to put on the front of the card. Its been a FUN family affair.

I did my first Art Fair this summer and introduced my Snarky Cards to the public. They were a hit and I sold half of my inventory in 4 hours. It was awesome to watch people laughing as they read each and every card in my boxes. 😛

I feel like I’m on to something, and am here to see where this journey takes me!

xoxoxoxo  ~ Moriah Gomez


Ps. If you find Snarky Cards too offensive, I do offer sweet cards too!!!! I also design Funky Knit Hats! Go ahead, stalk my web site and take a peek at my work!!!!


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